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Our Vision, Mission & Values


The GEM Center serves children who struggle to realize their full potential by providing them a center program that utilizes a comprehensive, interdisciplinary model that focuses on Social & Emotional Skills Development, Executive Functioning, Communication Skills, and Life & Career Skills. The GEM Center is committed to providing personalized and strengths-based programming to optimize each child's success.


To expand the reach of evidence-based, interdisciplinary programming focused on whole-child development, and helping children reach their unique self-determination and quality of life goals. To empower our children to have a purpose, achieve independence and thrive within their schools, homes, and communities.


  • We want our children to have the richest and fullest lives possible.

  • We focus on the strengths of our children so that our children grow to be empowered and confident individuals who thrive at home and in their communities.

  • The underlying needs of individuals with Autism and co-occurring disabilities need to be met before any growth can take place. When those needs are addressed with comprehensive, evidence-based programming these children thrive.

  • Our population of children grow exponentially when they are provided foundationally strong curriculum with hands-on, project-based learning opportunities where their special interests and talents are incorporated into their work.

  • Children with communicative, social-emotional and behavioral challenges deserve the highest quality opportunities with appropriate services and accommodations to access their needs.

  • Clinical programming should be accountable to produce outcomes that improve independence and intellectual, social-emotional and functional progress. 

  • We believe that our programming is only effective if outcomes generalize to their communities.

  • Our children deserve to develop skills in a safe, fun, respectful and supportive environment where they are set up for success.

  • Each child deserves an individualized intervention plan designed to meet their specific developmental and social-emotional needs.

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